August 29th, 2007 | Metzner acquires Max Müller

Metzner acquires Max Müller

With the purchase of the renowned manufacturer of cutting machines for the rubber and plastics industry, MAX MÜLLER, Metzner has taken a further step in expanding its product range.

Neu-Ulm, 29.08.2007. On the 1st of September 2007, the Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH will be taking over the internationally renowned machine engineering manu-facturer MAX MÜLLER, thus expanding its range of products in the rubber and plastics cutting sector. As Gerhard Rauch, Managing Director of Metzner stated, “I am pleased that with the acquisition both MAX MÜLLER and Metzner customers will profit from a wider product range.”

For decades now, MAX MÜLLER products have stood for excellent machining quality and continue to enjoy international renown and widespread popularity due to their robust construction and high-performance features.

In May 2006 the company MAX MÜLLER, with its rich tradition, founded in 1889, went into insolvency and was initially acquired by the engineering service company Brunel, before passing into the hands of Metzner on the 01.09.2007. Brunel recognised that the machine engineering products were not the best match for the service company’s existing business model.

In the next months Metzner will be working to fully integrate MAX MÜLLER into the Metzner company. The focus of activities will be centred on the integration of MAX MÜLLER products into Metzner’s existing product range. In a further step, existing MAX MÜLLER sales structures will be continued, i.e. refreshed, so that MAX MÜLLER prod-ucts will continue to be marketed worldwide. Parallel to this, Metzner will be estab-lishing communication with existing MAX MÜLLER customers, ensuring an uninter-rupted provision of spare parts and the continued availability of machines.

Metzner anticipates that the complete integration of MAX MÜLLER in the Metzner com-pany structures will be completed by December 1st at the latest. Within the framework of the takeover, former employees of MAX MÜLLER have been provided with a take-over bid.

With the takeover, Metzner has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of the product groups guillotine cutting machines, mandrel cutting machines and eccentric cutting technology, offering a comprehensive product program providing the optimal solution for cutting rubber and plastics.