Metzner Gripping Systems

With our different, changeable gripper systems for powder press automation We offer a wide range of tasks: vacuum grippers, balloon grippers and mechanical grippers. For applications that require special solutions, we offer special grippers.

Vacuum Grippers: The part is picked up by means of suction force. Grippers of various designs are utilized, depending e.g. on the geometry of the part. The application for these grippers are carbide inserts and other small parts with a plain surface on their pick up side.

Balloon grippers: Balloon grippers are using the form-lock principle, whereby the balloon is expanded (inflated) inside a bore, or another cavity of the part. Very suitable for small carbide inserts and other parts with bores ≤ approx. 3mm.

Mechanical Finger Grippers: The grippers are pneumatically activated, or motor driven. The parts are grabbed at their outer-, or inner contour. As a consequence grippers are distinguished in outside- and inside grippers. The clamping force is adjustable. Suitable for larger carbide inserts and other parts, featuring a complex outer geometry, and parts with larger bores or cavities.

Customized Grippers: Metzner develops customized grippers for specific handling applications. This includes gripper solutions, allowing the orientation of the part to be changed between pick up and deposition. This functionality secures an optimized arrangement of the parts on the sinter tray, and allows parts to be turned for placing them on a side, none-compromising to the product quality.

Key Features

  • Large variety of different gripper variants
  • Quickly interchangeable gripper systems
  • Careful receiving of the smallest compacts
  • Optimal handling - adapted to material requirements
  • Special grippers for special solutions

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