Metzner CS-Series

KabelOpening and folding down the cable shield | Cable Schield Processing

Opening and folding down the cable shield

Metzner uses a patented procedure to open the cable shield in just a few seconds before it is pushed back and folded down by another tool. In terms of cycle time, this patented procedure is far superior to similar processing methods.

Cutting cable shields to length | Cable Schield Processing

Cutting cable shields to length

The cable shield is cut to length at the same time as it is folded down. This procedure is carried out by an integrated tool that automatically cuts the cable shield to the required length.

Removing sheath or stripping | Cable Schield Processing

Removing sheath or stripping

Depending on the cable diameter, it is possible to strip either the outer sheath (up to 8mm in diameter) or the inner conductor/insulation (over 8mm in diameter).

Precise end cut | Cable Schield Processing

Precise end cut

The »Metzner CS-20« provides a precise end cut for all cables up to 8mm in diameter. This achieves optimum stripping length.

Simple operation | Cable Schield Processing

Simple operation

The individual production parameters can be programmed with ease using the menu system. Recurring jobs can be set up in no time as all selected parameters are saved.