Metzner SM 4000

Metzner SM 4000 - Processing of split corrugated tubeswith patented feeding and cutting system

Metzner SM 4000

Processing of split corrugated tubes
with patented feeding and cutting system

Corrugated tubes are used for protecting cables and wiring harnesses. Cutting these protective coverings to length depends on cutting accurately on the crest of the ridge. Otherwise sharp cut edges are formed which results in damage to the cables.

The Metzner SM 4000 has revolutionised the process of cutting split corrugated tubes. As the only machine in the world the SM 4000 guarantees with its unique and patented cutting technology an unattainable cutting result and very high cutting rates. 

The patented Metzner SM 4000 with »Laser toothed wheel« system is the only solution available in the market to process pre-slit corrugated tube. The material specific feed wheels guarantee a form-fit and twist proof feed of the pre-slit material. The laser sensor controls the position of the feed wheels and releases the blade precisely on the crest of the ridge - with precise repeatability and up to 8000 cuts per hour. 

All machine parameters are fully programmable and all models are prepared for both front panel or PC control.

Key Features

  • For corrugated tubes from 7.5mm to 40mm outer diameter
  • Patented Metzner »Toothed wheel laser system« guarantees slip-free rotation-free material transport
  • Laser sensors monitor the position of the gear wheels
  • »Toothed wheel« transport system as standard