Fully automatic processing of ESP sensor cables

Metzner Customer Specific Solutions - for fully automatic processing of ESP sensor cables

Metzner Customer Specific Solutions

for fully automatic processing of ESP sensor cables

Modern ABS and ESP systems decisively contribute to driving becoming increasingly safer. To guarantee problem-free functionality, the highest safety standards are already applied in the production of these systems – also in the processing of PUR cables.

A worldwide leading supplier in the cable industry, was looking for a fully automatic assembly system for processing PUR cables and found what it was looking for at Metzner. The system should be completely PC-controlled so human error can be avoided during the production sequence. All processing steps (printing, roughing, stripping, depositing or winding) had to be taken care of in one run-through and be designed for PUR cables having a diameter ranging from 2 – 14.5 mm and a length up to 25 meters. In addition, set-up times should be reduced and the processing speed increased with the new system.

The cables to be processed are clamped in a Metzner DR 1000 dereeler. A cable reservoir ensures that material is continuously dispensed to the feed device and sag control. A thermotransfer printer labels the cable afterwards. Due to the PC control, the stamp doesn't have to be changed during labelling. The printer receives all data via the software and stamps the required information on the cable. This eliminates expensive set-up times.

All cables are provided with contact plugs after processing on the Metzner system. The beginning and end of the cable are roughened to ensure problem-free fastening. The Metzner roughing station grinds the circulating cable in line with two pivoted diamond grinding wheels to the exact roughing depth.

The outer sheath of PUR cables can expand up to 700 percent. This only serves as a safety factor, however. When processing cable, it is therefore attempted to avoid expansion. In order to guarantee this during cutting as well, Metzner developed a customized variant of the Metzner AM 150/200 SVA. This machine has the property of clamping the PUR cable directly behind the matrix form knife at the right and left due to the offset feed. This way, the outer sheath is minimally expanded during stripping, thus optimising the stripping result. After the processing operation, the PUR cables are placed in a material stacker, or, for cables longer than six meters, wound up to form cable coils with an automatic winding machine. 

Key Features

  • Automatic roughening of the core for air-tight injection moulded couplings
  • Automatic printing of the wires
  • Automatic cut-to-length and stripping
  • Automatic take-off cable stacker up to 6 metre long
  • PC-controlled production