Fully automatic processing of flat solid conductors

Metzner Customer Specific Solutions - for fully automatic processing of flat solid conductors

Metzner Customer Specific Solutions

for fully automatic processing of flat solid conductors

Assembly halls require light in large amounts fluorescent lamps are often used for this. A company form the Netherlands which is specializes in the production of light lines, works now more effectively than ever, thanks to Metzner.

Today, fluorescent lights are connected to the mains using solid ribbon cables. The advantage: Once the line is fastened, the lamps can be simply and quickly connected using clips. The individual wiring of lamps is then no longer necessary. Ribbon cables usually have 5 or 7 poles and are produced with a diameter between 1.5mm² and 2.5mm² as continuous material, but without cut-outs for attaching the tubes.

The company required a machine which strips the solid ribbon cables at those places where the lamps are later attached and approached Metzner with this requirement. In addition, a high processing speed and length precision in combination with exact alignment of the coiled solid cables were the central requirements of the customer.

For the company, it is important to individually process the respective ribbon cable. In order to handle this in simple and efficient way, all processing parameters can be called up at the push of a button via a PC program which is connected to the IT-network online. Based on this, the cables are then processed at any length and with cut-outs at every desired position.

The ribbon cable is dereeled from a roller, safely transported with a project-specific feeding device and is exactly aligned at the same time. Afterwards, three tools ensure exact processing. A matrix-like knife cuts the cable sheath. Then a punch exactly punches out the later connection points. Finally, the cable is cut to the desired length and is stacked. Since Veko Lightsystems usually cuts fixed lengths between two and six meters long, the material stacker also measures six meters. By working this way, it is possible to deliver completely pre-assembled lighting systems to the building site, which considerably reduces the installation effort on site.

Key Features

  • Stripping and punching flat solid conductors at desired positions
  • Exact alignment of the conductors, so that the conductors can be easily assembled at a later stage
  • Integration of the assembly system in the existing IT network