Metzner Linear Accumulator

Metzner linear accumulators serve as a "buffer" between the prefeeder or the cable dereeler and the downstream processing system and regulate the feeding speed.

For all cable processing, where high acceleration and processing speeds occur or extreme tension-sensitive lines are processed, linear accumulators offer a very good solution. With increased material demand pulls the cable machines, the material from the linear accumulators, which has up to seven meters of cable stocks. At the same time reports of the linear accumulators or prefeeder Materialabroller an increased material requirements, so that they increase the rolling speed. Stops or slows down the cable processing, is the linear accumulators and the information on to the upstream peripherals.

Linear accumulators are compatible with all cable dereelers of the "Metzner DR Series" and offer the best storage system for flexible cables up to 18mm diameter.

Key Features

  • For flexible cables up to max. 18mm outer diameter
  • Cable entry with the lowest possible tensile
  • Cable reservoir about 7m
  • Allows high acceleration and high processing speeds of the cable processing machine
  • Pneumatic control of the storage stocks
  • Mounted directly on the cable liquidator or in combination with a prefeeder

Linear Accumulators for Cable Processing

  • Compatible with all machines of the Metzner AM series
  • Compatible with all customized Metzner machines
Cable Processing Line with Linear Accumulator