Metzner Software Solutions

For effective cable and corrugated tube processing, Metzner offers powerful software solutions that have been proved in practice. All our software packages provide comprehensive functionality such as, for example, the supervision and processing of complex parts lists for materials with different lengths and diameters as well as individual printing and marking.

Software solutions in local mode control the working process of the machine and all its peripheral equipment. All the process parameters are collected via an intuitive, logical and easy-to-operate unit and saved in a database. Tried and tested assistance functions and help menus support the entering of the data. Data collection takes place independently of the processing machine, which can continue its work unaffected.

Many companies control their production via company-internal IT networks. In such cases, Metzner offers full integration into the existing IT network. All production orders are transferred on-line or in their own data structure to the machine control system for processing. In return the machines send back information for production control. The operator thus receives a real-time overview of the current machine condition, the production status and all the completed and remaining processes.  

Key Features

  • Integration into existing IT systems
  • Automatic processing of batches
  • Optimization and automation of machining operations
  • Import of data cable in various data formats
  • Complete integration and management of all Metzner labeling and marking
  • Copy function for the transmission of the processing parameters of the material on the top end of the material or of a type of cable to the next material