Metzner Hot Stamp Marker

Metzner M03.2 - Hot stamp marking in first class print quality using a stamp and marking foil

Metzner M03.2

Hot stamp marking in first class print quality using a stamp and marking foil

Hot stamp markers are used everywhere where materials are to be marked with the same characters with high quality. Using this method, preheated stamp characters on a precision printing plate are pressed onto the surface of the material by means of a coloured stamping foil. Here, the shape of the stamp character, which is adapted to the goods to be marked, optimally supports the marking process.

Hot stamping is excellently suited for materials, such as cables, cords, shrink hoses, hoses, flat materials and other thermoplastic materials. The parameters stamp temperature, stamping time and contact pressure can be exactly adjusted on the devices. This guarantees high-quality and reproducible markings. Hot stamp markers are usually integrated in a processing line. The marking process thus takes place parallel to processing without losing cycle time. Metzner offers two different hot stamp markers, adapted to your requirements.

The hot stamp marker M03.2 will convince you with its top-of-the-line furnishings, excellent performance (up to 1200 prints/minute) and modern design. The novel printing plate locking device guarantees optimum operational reliability. The electronic PID controller is responsible for the consistently high printing quality, which ensures a constant print head temperature, and therefore, the precondition of optimum printing with exact and reproducible results.

Key Features

  • Very good print quality
  • Optimal software matching to Metzner processing machines
  • Exact setting of parameters possible (emboss temperature & time, application pressure)
  • Time needed for print: 0.5 – 1 second