Metzner Label Marker

Marking and bundling stations are always used when materials need to be marked, fixed or bundled. Depending on customer requirements Metzner integrates marking and bundle stations directly into a production line so the machine is optimally matched to the marking station.

In the automotive industry, coloured marking bands serve to define assembly location points, which quickly show the assembly personnel where, for example, the nylon tubes have to be connected to the bodywork.

Beside position marking our bundle and marking devices are also used if the material would open by a cut. In this case, the hose will be wounded at a defined position and subsequently cut in the center of this fixation. This means that all material properties are maintained as required and can be easily processed. 

Key Features

  • Simple fixing and operation
  • Optimal software matching to Metzner processing machines
  • Free colour choice of bands
  • Adjustment for up to four adhesive tape turns


Marking and Bundle Station for Rubber and Plastics Processing

  • Compatible with all Metzner machines
  • Compatible with all customized Metzner machines




Illustration: Metzner Variocut with bundle and marking station for precise tube processing.