Metzner Laser Printers

For product identification and to determine assembly positioning, profiles, tubes and other products often have to be printed with text or marked. Due to these varying requirements, Metzner offer four different printing systems from leading manufacturers, which can be combined with all Metzner machines.

With laser printers, freely programmable text, logos and markings can be transferred onto the tube with no loss of time. The print quality is excellent, but the price is higher than with ink-jet printers. 

Key Features

  • Herausragende Qualität
  • Optimale Softwareabstimmung für Metzner Bearbeitungsmaschinen
  • Schnellste Laserbedruckung seiner Klasse (bis zu 10 m/sec)
  • Variable Textausrichtung: 0° und 90°
  • Frei programmierbare Darstellungen von Grafiken, Barcodes und Texten