Metzner Cutting Tools

Choosing the correct tool is as important for a good cutting result as the choice of the cutting machine itself. The cutting method, the cutting force and the form of the knife must all be right for the material and the processing requirements so that they are matched perfectly to the particular task in hand.

As a system provider, Metzner has therefore consistently invested in the development and construction of tools and provides a wide range of tool making services today:

  • Tool development
  • Tool making
  • Sample production
  • Measurement of the cutting results
  • Collaboration and support for process start-up
  • Documentation of system and machine capability

Tools for the final machining of sealing profiles are often used in Kanban-controlled production processes and therefore equipped with quick-change systems at customer request; less than 60 seconds for a tool or cutter change. 

Key Features

  • Cutting in different angles and contours
  • Cutting on different cutting level
  • Several knives and cuts per tool are possible
  • Combined machining, e.g. punching and drilling, in one tool
  • Tool type with shortest cycle time
  • Option: Tool coding and automatic tool recognition via the controller


Metzner Machines with Serveral Tools

e.g. single pass cutting machines with five tools for different tasks (punching, milling, drilling and cutting)

Cutting Machines with Serveral Tools