Metzner Single-Pass Cutting Machines

With an automatic single-pass cutting machine, tooling and machine blend into one high-performance system with high output rates and impressive flexibility.

Sealing profiles for the automobile industry, but also for applications in furniture, thermal insulation for buildings or in household goods often require complex cutting processes, as these illustrations show. Process such as drilling and milling can also be integrated in these one-pass machines.

For tasks of this nature, Metzner’s convincing capabilities provide a range of automatic single-pass guillotines. The common feature of all these machines is the storing of all the processing parameters and associated machine settings in a single processing recipe. At the start of production, an in-built barcode scanner reads the data from the production paperwork, activates the saved parameters and shows the required tooling and material on the operator panel display. The barcode also contains the required quantities and lengths to be produced. Thanks to well thought-out quick-change systems, the necessary tooling and material changeover is performed rapidly – generally within 30 seconds – to minimise downtime. The integral tool coding system then independently checks to ensure that the correct tooling is in place.

With a further step in automation, material and tool changing are carried out completely automatically: the machine reads the barcode and the operator presses the start button. Everything else happens dully automatically and without human intervention.
Fully automated one-pass guillotines are often equipped with intelligent length-measuring systems and quality monitoring functions to achieve outstanding precision – depending on material – of approx 0.1% (min. 0.5 mm). Parts which are out of specification are automatically identified and separated.

Closely matched to the tasks in hand, tools with several contour forms are often employed for complete processing. Metzner automatic one-pass guillotines are used off-line in converting as well as in-line at the end of a production line. In summary, these machines offer two decisive advantages: they deliver high performance at a surprisingly low investment cost and a constant quality standard independent of the operator personnel. 

Key Features

  • Barcode-controlled production process with automatic tool and profile identification
  • Completely automatic tool and profile change
  • Maximum length precision with program-controlled end-sensing unit
  • Complete machining from the coil or material container
  • Low personnel requirement due to completely automatic mode of operation


Metzner Single-Pass Cutting Machines

Metzner Durchlaufstanze 1 | Automatic Single Pass Cutting Machine

Metzner Durchlaufstanze 1

Automatic single-pass cutting machine with program-controlled tools and profile changer. Production without operator personnel of up to 2000 parts/hour; equipped with automatic tool changer for six to eight cutting tools, for use with flexible profiles, mainly off-line but also for certain in-line applications. Specifications >

Metzner Durchlaufstanze 2 | Automatic Single Pass Cutting Machine

Metzner Durchlaufstanze 2

Automatic single-pass cutting machine with multiple quick-change tools, PLC control and barcode activation as standard. Tool changing with quick-change system in 30 seconds: integral park station with approx. 8 different cutting tools, for use with flexible profiles off-line and in-line. Specifications >

Metzner Durchlaufstanze 3 | Automatic Single Pass Cutting Machine

Metzner Durchlaufstanze 3

Automatic single-pass cutting machine with very high production rates. Equipped with PLC control, very high cutting performance thanks eccentric cutting module. With program-controlled end-sensing unit which checks to order different positions and captures. Specifications >

Metzner Durchlaufstanze 4 | Automatic Single Pass Cutting Machine

Metzner Durchlaufstanze 4

Automatic single-pass cutting machine with up to five different tool stations. Equipped with PLC control and barcode activation, integration of up to 5 different tools for different tasks (cutting, milling, drilling and cutting), automatically monitored waste. Specifications >

Single-Pass Cutting Machine with Program-controlled Tools and Profile Changer

  • Dereeling and Feeding
  • Printing and Marking
  • Take-Off and Coiling
  • PC-controlled and remote maintenance 

Peripherals >


Abbildung: Barcode-controlled single-pass cutting machine with eight different tools, dereeling device and loop controls.

Single-Pass Cutting Machine with Program-controlled Tools and Profile Changer