May 28, 2019

In March 2019 EQ ZERT certified the quality management system of Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH according to ISO 9001:2015. The management of the internationally active, medium-sized mechanical engineering company sees this as confirmation that it is on the right track with the company policy it has been pursuing for many years. 

For more than 30 years, leading customers from a wide range of industries worldwide have trusted Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH when it comes to complex automation solutions and critical manufacturing processes. Our cutting and assembly machines convince customers from the medical and automotive industries, among others, through patented and innovative processes. For example, our systems are used for the assembly of breathing hoses, truck brake systems or safety-relevant sensors in automotive engineering. Anyone who wants to survive as a machine supplier in these areas must be aware of the responsibility that would be at stake if the product quality were inadequate. Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH has already proven several times that it can meet and even exceed the high quality requirements of its customers.

Since we are always interested in the continuous improvement of our internal processes and thus also the quality of our products, we decided to implement a quality management system at Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH at the beginning of 2018. Within half a year, it was developed and set up with the involvement of our employees. Internal processes were scrutinized and, if necessary, adapted. In addition, we defined clear responsibilities and new key figures which form the basis for further decisions.

The next step was to establish the processes defined in this context in the everyday work of our 77 employees. After all, what good is a quality management system if it only exists on paper but is not implemented in practice?

To ensure that the path we have chosen meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, we underwent the certification process of the independent certifier EQ ZERT at the beginning of 2019. In audit stage 1 in February EQ ZERT auditor Michael Bollinger reviewed our QM manual, QM processes, QM work instructions and QM forms. In the following audit stage 2 Mr. Bollinger was on site and took a close look at our processes. His conclusion: no deviation from the standard.

The certificate received from EQ ZERT in March 2019 now confirms from an external body what our customers have been benefiting from for many years: The company Metzner Maschinenbau is the right contact when it comes to series machines - but also, or above all, in relation to the development of special solutions for demanding projects.