Rubber components manufacturers

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Automation solutions for manufacturers of rubber components

Whether you are a rubber component manufacturer producing in series or offering individual solutions, Metzner has machines in its portfolio with which you can precisely implement your customers’ requirements. You have two options:  The Metzner MBS is a modular system consisting of the processing machine for 3 different product widths (100 mm, 200 mm and 390 mm | 3 15/16“; 7 7/8“and 1’3 23/64“) and a gigantic number of tools. In total, there are around 10,000 possible combinations.  The special feature: As a rubber component manufacturer, you can insert 2 tools into each machine at the same time, which complete their work in a single operation. You can also change them in no time at all without tools.  Tools can also be purchased later or adapted. The MBS is always the right solution if the material is within the width dimensions, cuts, punchings or drillings are to be made and if you can cope with the speed of 170 cuts/minute. Metzner is also the right choice for all other requirements.  

Metzner has been automating the production of rubber component manufacturers for a wide range of sectors from automotive to sports for decades. Extreme niche applications are also included.

This not only results in a wealth of know-how, but also a large pool of already designed solutions. Simply tell us what you would like to automate. We will find a solution. We present three individual examples here: