Sterile filling lines


High-precision cutting machines for manufacturers of sterile and aseptic filling systems

For their aseptic filling systems and sterile filling systems, manufacturers attach great importance to the highest hygienic standards. These standards mean that all components must be manufactured with the highest precision. Metzner offers a wide range of machines for hoses and plastic piping that serve precisely this purpose.

The range includes various models that are tailored to the different hose types and processing requirements. With the universal cutting machines, for example, you have the choice between a model that runs the program fully automatically and a model where the operator can set the pressure very precisely. This makes it possible to react even to minimal differences in the batches.

The KL-BV is specially designed for hoses that are very sensitive to pressure. The special features are a very narrow blade from 0.1 mm | 0.004″ thickness, which cuts laterally at an adjustable angle. As the speed can also be regulated, manufacturers of sterile filling systems and aseptic filling systems are provided with tubes that fit exactly. The side effects of a cut have been reduced to a minimum so that the hose is deformed as little as possible at the cut point.

Another special feature in the program is the Metzner MBS, because you can assemble your machine from 140 modules. Software adaptations and special tool developments complete the program. This machine can not only process hoses, but also hoses and profiles of any shape up to 390 x 80 mm | 1′ 3 23/64” x 1 3/16“. Each machine can be equipped with two tools at the same time. This also includes machines that cut or drill reinforced hoses.