Cable processing peripherials for pre-processing as well as post-processing

Cable processing peripherials increase efficiency and also the quality of the output of the processing machine. In our program as well as in the portfolio of our subsidary Ramatech, you can find all solutions needed to turn a single machine into an effective processing line: 

Metzner offers you a comprehensive range of cable processing peripherals for pre- and post-processing.

The pre-processing portfolio includes electrically driven dereelers, passive dereelers and prefeeders. The electrically driven dereelers come from our sister company Ramatech. They are easy to operate and are easy on the operator’s health because the cable drum is brought into position using a lift, for example.

Passive dereelers from Metzner are available for cables that are coiled on heavy drums, on reels, from cardboard boxes or loose bundles. Prefeeders are used to guide the cable from the passive dereeler to the cutting machine without tension. Metzner offers these either with a dancer arm or in combination with a loop control. 

Cable processing peripherials for post processing

For post-processing, Metzner offers active cable stackers for lengths between 2 and 6 m (6’7″ to 19’8″). 

As cable ring winders, we offer you the models from our sister company Ramatech. These coil the cable or coil and bind it or coil, bind and then lay it down. 

We also have the Metzner CRC 450 DUO in our range, which has two ring winders that are operated alternately.