Medical technology used in the operation room


Solutions for the automated production in the medical technology industry

Whether you manufacture catheters, pipettes, blood bags, tubes or other medical products on a film basis or in tubular form, Metzner is your partner for cutting machines and the automated production in the field of medical technology. Metzner has been at home in the world of medical production for decades. That’s why the efficient and carefully working machines are in use worldwide. 

Metzner offers you various machines for processing sensitive materials. Of course, all machines are designed for a high degree of automation. So, product quality, quantities and repeat accuracy are significantly improved with Metzner, especially in comparison to manual operations.

Standard machines and special solutions specially developed for medical technology

The cutting machines for medical products are specially designed and built so that they do not press, deform or even damage any materials during the production process. Metzner has also developed the KL-BV specifically for medical technology. It has a particularly sophisticated blade technology and a very fine pressure setting so that the pressure exerted on the material is maximal minimized.

All solutions are of course also available in stainless steel

In addition to the standard machines, which can also be adapted to your requirements, Metzner also develops and produces customized solutions according to your wishes. Of course, all products are also available in stainless steel. Furthermore, models are available especially for clean rooms if your products are not sterilized after cutting to length or trimming.

In any case, both the cutting machines for medical products and the customized solutions are designed to produce medical products of 100% quality. Metzner therefore offers you optimum solutions to automate your medical technology production and improve its quality even further. Let us convince you of our standard machines KL-BV for tubular material and ST-OB for film-like material. We have also put together a brief overview of our special solutions for the production of catheters and drum buses, for example.

Tubes in line. Products of the automated production medical technology