Cosmetics and perfume filling plants


Automated cutting machines for perfume and cosmetics filling lines

Metzner machines always cut the right tubes automatically. It doesn’t matter whether you manufacture perfume filling systems or cosmetics filling systems for liquid products. Metzner offers you three different automated solutions for cutting tubes and plastics to the exact shape you need.  

The ST-OB universal cutting machine cuts hoses, rubber, plastics, wire and cable automatically and precisely.

If the raw materials from which you manufacture perfume filling systems vary greatly and also show batch variance, the ST-OB is just right for you. Here too, the program runs automatically, but an operator who is familiar with the material can readjust the pressure very precisely using an adjusting wheel. Another special feature of the machine is the pneumatic cylinder. This was specially developed by Metzner. It vents faster than others and therefore ensures a higher cycle rate. It is also optimized for the machine and its speed. This means that the tubes and plastic components you need for your cosmetics filling systems are produced more cleanly.

Specially developed for pressure-free cutting of soft hoses

The KL-BV has been specially developed for the high-precision cutting to length of hoses. Blades from 0.1 mm | 0.004″ thick cut powerfully sideways into the hoses. This keeps the pressure as low as possible. The feed and blade speed can also be adjusted. All this results in a cut where the pressure on the material is reduced to a minimum.

With the MBS, you can choose from 130 standard components, which you can configure into 10,000 possible combinations. All modules are standard modules. Two tools can be used simultaneously in one machine. Tools, including drills and a wide variety of cutting tools, can be changed easily.