Solutions for the automated production of medical devices

Metzner has been developing and manufacturing customized machines for the automated production of medical devices for years. These are always used when our series models Metzner KL-BV for processing tubes and ST-OB for medical films do not offer an adequate solution.

All these machines for medical products have two things in common: they significantly reduce production costs and increase product quality at the same time. They also ensure a high level of repeat accuracy, especially when they replace manual work steps.


Here are 4 examples of our automation solutions:

In the fully automated production of endotracheal tubes, uncompromising product quality was the top priority. In addition, the aim was to reduce production costs and at the same time increase quantities. Another important point was a compact design so that the limited production space was not restricted. 

In the second case study, the production of catheter tubes, the main focus was on automation. A manual production process was to be taken over by a machine in order to ensure consistently high quality. This would also reduce personnel costs. 

The third case, also a production of endotracheal tubes, seems similar, but was a bigger challenge. However, here the Metzner machine has taken over a manually complicated work step. New staff needed a long training period to master this step, and the employees were also exposed to harmful fumes while working. The value of Metzner automation cannot be overestimated. 

In pipette production, the main focus was on gentle material handling and high quality of the diverse products offered by the company.

Bild: Stefamerpik via Freepik