Fully automated production line for endotracheal tubes

Medtronic, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical technology, is committed to supporting global healthcare by developing innovative treatments. The lives of patients during surgery depend on the endotracheal tubes the company manufactures, because after all these products ensure reliable ventilation. Consequently, the highest demands on uncompromising quality during manufacture and fault-free operation are essential. Metzner developped and built an automated endotracheal tube production line.

The new Metzner machine has sustainably reduced the production costs of the end products and created additional production capacities thanks to a fully automatic production system for endotracheal tubes.

Above all, the line produces endotracheal tubes with high precision and cleanliness. This is ensured, among other things, by processes such as automatic loading, alignment and positioning of the tubes, processing by seven consecutive work stations and automatic quality control by sensors.

Automated endotracheal tube production. The line produces endotracheal tubes with high precision and cleanliness.

The materials are loaded automatically, also positioned automatically to the tools, processed automatically by seven consecutive work stations and automatically controlled by sensors.

When it comes to producing tubes, pipettes, cathethers and similar products for medical devices, Metzner only know solutions. How can we help you to increase your production quality even further and save costs in the process. Put us to the test: