Silicon hose production


Automated silicone tube production, e.g. for medical technology

Metzner has developed the KL-BV especially for processing silicone tubing, e.g. in medical technology. It is designed to exert the lowest possible deformation pressure on the tubing during processing. A machine concept that significantly improves the quality of the tubing.

This starts with the knife. Thanks to blade thicknesses from 0.1 mm | 0.004″, the silicone tubing is deformed as little as possible.The blade also cuts at an angle from the side. The entry point into the material is therefore as small as possible and the deformation pressure is reduced to an extreme minimum. The angle of inclination of the blade can of course be adjusted to the material diameter. For particularly high demands, e.g. in medical technology, knife moistening is also possible as an option.

Minimal pressure on the material, even the knife cuts into the silicone tube from the side

Thanks to all these features, particularly clean cuts into the material are possible. The feed speed can also be adjusted to increase length accuracy, especially for tubes up to 30 mm | 1″ in length. The transport pressure can also be set so that the tubes are not deformed. Using an adjusting wheel, the operator can set the pressure of the feed belts precisely to the hose. This can be done so precisely that you can even react to deviations in the batches.  The KL-BV makes a maximum of 330 cuts per minute and is suitable for silicone tubing up to 18 mm | 45/64” in diameter. Of course, the KL-BV is also available in stainless steel. The KL-BV is also available with an electric drive instead of a compressed air drive, not only for clean rooms, but also for an improved CO2 footprint. But the KL-BV can do even more.

As Metzner has its own team of programmers, the software can be customized. This means that your customized KL-BV adapts to your needs and production processes without you having to have an entire machine developed, tested and built. This significantly reduces the acquisition costs.

You have the same flexibility with the tools. The hoses shown below, for example, were produced with a KL-BV, which can not only cut, but also notch with the same precision.

The KL-BV is available as standard with a blade for punching, shear and pull cuts.

Silicon tubes cut and notched

Of course, you can also get the right pre- and post-processing equipment for the KL-BV. Passive feed plates ensure that the material is not stressed before production. The sensitive material is fed to the KL-BV without tension via a material feeder.

There it can not only be cut, but also printed if required. It is then transferred to a material dispenser from which your team can remove it without mixing batches.