Gaskets and seals for white goods


Machines that drill, slit and cut with precision

Manufacturers of seals for white goods as well as gasket for white goods face the challenge of having to go through various process steps in their production. In addition, the gaskets, which are exposed to constant cold, large quantities of water or extreme heat, must be manufactured with extreme precision.

These requirements are precisely the environment in which reliable automation pays off. Metzner has supplied gasket and seal manufacturers with suitable solutions in all areas of white goods. The solutions in this area are as individual as the seals and gaskets themselves and are primarily based on the quantities and processing requirements. Our experts will be happy to help you.

In many cases, the Metzner MBS is used in the white goods segment. This is a modular system of standard tools for pretty much all types of processing. Some common tool examples are punching, shear and draw cutting as well as drills, blade cutting, hot and tool cutting. Of course, there are also various other tools. A total of around 10,000 combinations are possible.

A special feature is the eccentric tool, which can perform up to 400 cuts per minute in start-stop mode. The stop before cut ensures that the cut is made at exactly the right angle.

Each Metzner MBS is also equipped with two tools so that several tasks can be carried out automatically in one step.Tools can of course be changed easily, so that one machine can carry out different tasks in different work steps.

The MBS is available in three sizes: for material up to 100 mm | 3 15/16“, up to 200 mm | 7 7/8and up to 390 mm | 1′ 23/64.In addition, Metzner can customize the MBS software so that it fits perfectly into your processes.

Metzner definitely has a solution for you as a seal manufacturer

Of course, there are always cases in which MBS does not yet offer the solution for our customers’ processes, despite its great diversity. On the one hand, there is then the possibility of developing a customized tool for the MBS. On the other hand, Metzner has decades of experience in special machine construction for manfacturers of seals for white goods and gaskets for white goods. In most cases, this involves carrying out all the work steps required to produce the gasket in a single work step. Metzner works on such customized machines for gasket manufacturers on a daily basis. Simply contact our experts, we are sure to find a solution.

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