Press automation for medium to large lot sizes: Metzner RPA 10-SL

The Metzner RPA 10-S has an integrated magazine system for up to ten sintering plates with automatic sintering plate change. So, it automatically removes empty sintering plates from the magazine, loads them and then returns them. Thanks to the sintering plate change automation, the powder press automation works independently over a longer period of time, without loading and unloading processes leading to a press stop. Weighing or deburring of the pressed parts is also fully automatic.

With the integrated 4-axis SCARA robot, the machine achieves very high system speeds of up to 30 strokes/min. This makes it ideally suited for connection to electric presses with high cycle rates.

This sintering plate change automation is conveniently operated via the integrated control system or the mobile operating terminal.

Performance dataRPA 10-SL
Storage capacity: Empty sinter trays10
Storage capacity: Loaded sinter trays10
Sinter tray changing timeapprox. 5 sec.
Sinter tray sizemax. 400 mm x 300 mm x 65 mm | 1’4″ x 11.8″ x 2.6″
Sinter tray designcommon designs
Performance references: pick & place30 parts/min.
Performance references: pick & place with deburring18 parts/min.
Speedup to 2 m/sec. | 6’7″/sec.
Repeatability+/- 0.05 mm | 0.002″
MountingMounting bracket
Machine parameters 
Power supply3~400 V, 50/60 Hz, 32 A or transformator
Compressed air supply6 bar | 87 PSI
Dimensions2,100 mm x 1,050 mm x 2,500 mm | 6’11” x 3’5″ x 8’2″
Weight1,300 kg | 2,866 lbs
Optional equipment 
Gripper changing system✔
Gripper systemoption
Cleaning systemoption
Display Touch 19″ colour
Weighing systemoption
Pneumatic deburringoption
Mechanical deburringoption