Active cable stackers with two collection trays as standard for increased autonomy

Metzner MA storage units for cables and hoses ensure jam-free storage after cutting to length and processing in your cable production line. As they have both a batch tray and a collecting tray, batches do not mix. 

PerformanceMA 2000MA 4000MA 6000
Wire diameter min.1.5 mm | 0.06″1.5 mm | 0.06″1.5 mm | 0.06″
Wire diameter max.30 mm | 1.2″30 mm | 1.2″30 mm | 1.2″
Wire length min.250 mm | 9.8″250 mm | 9.8″250 mm | 9.8″
Wire length max.2,000 mm | 6’7″4,000 mm | 13’1″6,000 mm | 19’8″
Transport speed per second max.180 m | 590’7″180 m | 590’7″180 m | 590’7″
Electrical connection230 V; 50/60 Hz; 6.0 A or transformator230 V; 50/60 Hz; 6.0 A or transformator230 V; 50/60 Hz; 6.0 A or transformator
Compressed air connection6 bar | 87 PSI6 bar | 87 PSI6 bar | 87 PSI
Dimensions (L x W x H)2,400 mm x 650 mm x 1,250 mm | 7’10” x  2’2″ x  4’1″4,800 mm x 650 mm x 1,250 mm | 15’9″ x  2’2″ x  4’1″7,200 mm x 650 mm x 1,250 mm | 23’7″ x  2’2″ x  4’1″
Weight125 kg | 276 lbs250 kg | 551 lbs375 kg | 827 lbs
Pneumatic lift function for immediate trouble shootingoptionoptionoption
Compatible to all Metzner cutting and stripping machines✔✔✔

The Metzner MA series are an optimum solution for your cable production line. All three MA-models are equipped with an inbuilt driven and synchronized transport belt. This belt ensures a careful, straight and safe stacking of the cables without jam.

Thanks to the second tray, your cable production line works more efficiently

Furthermore Metzner MA stackers for your cable production line come with an inbuilt batch tray and an additional collection tray. This means, that when one batch was off-loaded to the collection tray, the production of the next batch is continued automatically. Of course, both batches are not mixed. 

For removal of the processed products, a process interrruption is not necessary. So, the MA-models allow for extra independent working of the operator. Of course they are compatible with all Metzner cutting and stripping machines. 

You have the choice for your cable production line:

  • Metzner MA 2000 for wires and cables up to 2 m | 6’7″ length
  • Metzner MA 4000 for wires and cables up to 4 m | 13’1″ length
  • Metzner MA 6000 for wires and cables up to 6 m | 19’8″ length
  • Uninterrupted
    production despite removal

  • Careful, straight and
    safe stacking
    without jam

  • Sorting function