Whether peripherals or software changes - a Metzner cable cutting machine matching your production

Cable cutting machines from Metzner can be easily adapted to your needs thanks to the special design, so that you receive your specific cable machine. There are two ways of doing this, which are significantly cheaper than custom development of a cable cutting machine:

1. Metzner has its own department for PLC and HMI programming. It is therefore possible to adapt your automatic cable cutting machine to your needs. For example, if it is necessary for the cable to stop during production or, on the contrary, to continue moving, if a scan is required, or if the operator is to carry out another work step, etc., etc., etc. 

Our team will then program the software for you in the way that best suits your work processes.

2. Of course, we supply your machine complete with pre-processing and post-processing systems. These include precisely matching active or passive feeding systems, single or duo ring winders or stackers. For printing or marking the cables, we offer you solutions with ink, laser or as printed film for marking, which is automatically glued.

Also peripherials are customizeable. 

Examples of machine adaptations

Line of standard machines with adapted software

A prefeeder (from left to right) reels the cable. From there, it reaches the loop control, which ensures tension-free transfer to the inkjet printer. The cable then passes to the AM 3850 with rotary cutting head. In the CRC 450 DUO coiler, it is coiled in such a way that the operator can remove one bundle of wire while the other is being worked on.

The software of the standard machine was programmed according to customer specifications so that the operator can fulfill all his tasks and at the same time achieve the highest possible output. If you would like to know more, please send us an Mail.  

Automatic wire feeder with feeder, printer and double-ring winder programmed according to customer requirements

Line of standard machines with Cleaning Station

This line also follows the frequently chosen principle: the cable is fed from the prefeeder via a loop control to the Metzner AM machine without tension. There it is cut to length and stripped. For his specific application, however, the customer wanted the cable to be free of talcum.

This is ensured by the cleaning station, which not only extracts the talcum powder but also brushes it out. Once completely clean, the cable is transferred to a ring winder. Do you also have specific requirements?

Just send us a mail or give us a call. We are happy to help you.

Cable cutting line with dereeler, cleaning station and coiler

Standard machine with printing on the cables on the swivel tube for fewer bad parts

If the printing is only done on the swivel tube, the investment is higher, but the cable waste is significantly reduced. If you would also like to take advantage of this solution, simply send us a mail.

Cable cutting machine with integrated printer