Metzner DYNAMAT 80 fly-knife cutter for materials up to 80 mm diameter

The Metzner DYNAMAT 80’s powerful cutting knife is placed in a fully enclosed working space. That’s why it can cut dry and also humidificated. As a standard, the flying-knife cutter is equipped with an integrated discharge conveyor as well as an extended safety equipment.  
The belt conveyor is 100 mm | 3.94″ or 200 mm | 7.87″ wide and is centrally adjustable via a handwheel. The Metzner DYNAMAT 80 fly-knife cutter cuts up to 3,200 times per minute and up to 800 times in the Stop & Go mode, which means the material is stopped before it gets cut.

The Metzner DYNAMAT can process these materials for you, whereby the material’s diameter is up to 80 mm | 3.15″:

Solid rubber elements

Textile reinforced hoses

Rubber profiles

Silicon tubes, e.g. for medical applications

Other materials, e.g. bones for dogs

Perfomance data Metzner Dynamat 80
Material dimension: width max. 80 mm | 3.15″
Material dimension: height max. 80 mm | 3.15″
Length interval 0.1 mm | 0.004″
Feeding speed 60 m/min. | 196’10″/min.
Cutting rate: continuous cuts/min.
(at cutting length 5mm | 0.02″)
Cutting rate: Stop & go cuts/min.
(at cutting length 5mm | 0.02″)
Technical data  
Electrical connection 3~400 V; 50/60 Hz; 10 A or with transformator
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2,500 mm x 600 mm x 1,400 mm | 8’2″ x 2′ x 4’7″
Weight 315 kg | 694 lbs
Integrated interface for peripherals ✔
Control via PC and software ✔
Operation via color touchscreen 7″ ✔
Servo motor ✔
Belt feed with servo motor with integrated length measuring system ✔