This 1 machine offers more output, shorter change-over-times, higher quality and safety for the operator

A global medical device company, which produces and sells, among other things, serological pipettes made of polystyrene, needed a replacement for one of its existing production lines. The company approached Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH with its requirements for the new automated pipette production line and then received machinery individually tailored to its wishes.

This now offers numerous advantages over the previous solution and convinces with a large product variety and short set-up times. It was particularly important to the customer that the material coming from the upstream extrusion line, which is characterised by great hardness, is treated extremely carefully due to its brittle nature. This is because as soon as the polystyrene shows even the smallest of cracks, the produced part is already scrap.

The extruded material is first scored with the aid of several rotary cutting heads, then broken and finally deposited in collecting containers. The cycle time for four parts is only 1.5 seconds. For the production of short lengths (up to 120 mm | 4.72″), the cycle time is extended to approximately three seconds.

The machine, specialy developed by Metzner is a fully automatic machinery consisting of a contact-free loop control, an automatic cutting machine and a crushing station with storage system.  The automated pipette production can produce polystyrene pipettes with diameters from 4 mm | 0.16″ to 25 mm | 0.98″ and lengths from 100 mm | 3.94″ to 700 mm | 2’4″.

When it comes to producing tubes, pipettes, cathethers and similar products for medical devices, Metzner only know solutions. How can we help you to increase your production quality even further and save costs in the process. Put us to the test: