Metzner VARIOCUT - as variable as your cutting tasks and also easy to operate

The name says it all, with the VARIOCUT you can cut almost anything: profiles, pipes, tubes, plastics, foils, cables and wire. This automatic variable cutting machine is an excellent solution because it works at a speed of up to 140 cuts per minute. It is also suitable for materials up to 95 mm wide and 30 mm high.

The VARIOCUT universal cutting machine also impresses with its extremely simple operation. Once the belt feed has been lowered, the material is automatically clamped. The pneumatic pressure prevents any slippage so that the operator does not have to adjust anything. Changing tools is just as easy, as the tools can simply be inserted and removed by hand. No adjustment is necessary. It can also be integrated into production lines and is available with punch, shear and draw cutting knives.

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  • Easy to operate, fast
    tool change-overs

The automatic variable cutting machine, the Metzner VARIOCUT cuts many different materials. It is easy to operate because it works automatically without slippage of the material. Tool changes are also simple and tool-free.

Feeding speed max.90 MPS

Material dimensions: width max. 95 mm
Material dimensions: heigth max.30 mm
Cutting rate/min.
(at cutting length of 5 mm | 0.2″)
Typically repeatable exactness
(depending on material; min. tolerance +/- 0.5 mm | 0.02″)
+/- (1mm + 0.2% L)
Technical data 
Electrical connection230 V; 50/60 Hz; 10 A
Compressed air connection6 bar
Dimensions (L x W x H)765 mm x 515 mm x 460 mm
Control displays8 lines