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Cutting of gasket rings for apparatus engineering and pipeline construction by Metzner mandrel cutting machines

Mandrel Cutting Machines

Flat gaskets are mainly employed in apparatus engineering or pipeline construction as a sealing element between two flanges. Depending on the application (fluids, temperatures, pressures, chemical stress), a range of materials are available such as elastomers, carbon fibre, mineral fibre and metal. There are special machines to produce these gaskets, which cut sealing rings from injection-moulded or extruded tubes with different diameters. For this purpose, Metzner has developed mandrel cutting machines, which are characterised by their unique processing method and high cutting quality and feature a high output rate. For differing capacity requirements we offer different solutions, which can be operated without extensive specialist knowledge due to their easy handling.



Metzner SR-Series

  • for the production of sealing rings with highest precision
  • for the simultaneous processing of up to seven tubes
  • for a comfortable control with PLC control

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