Medical drainage systems


Automated production for consistently high tube quality

To ensure that your medical drainage systems are of perfect quality, Metzner offers the KL-BV. This has been specially developed for cutting pressure-sensitive tubes to length. Because the blades are from 0.1 mm | 0.004″ thick, the pressure acts almost exclusively on the cutting point of the tubing. Any kind of deformation of the tubes for medical drainage systems is therefore reduced to a minimum. In addition, the blade does not press on the material from above. Instead, it moves into the tube at an angle. This allows you to set the cutting angle to precisely match the size of the tubing. The pressure of the feed belts can also be determined very precisely. This allows you to react with absolute precision to different batches and hose types. It is also possible to adjust the feed speed in order to achieve the greatest possible length accuracy, even with shorter hoses. The machine makes a maximum of 330 cuts per minute in tubes with a diameter of up to 18 mm | 45/64“. Thanks to all these factors, you can create recipes very easily so that you can always deliver your medical drainage systems in consistent quality.

Of course, the KL-BV is also available in stainless steel. 

Metzner can also customize machines on the software side or develop them for your needs. Not only solutions for shortening, punching, cutting and printing are possible. Metzner has already developed machines that glue automatically. Of course, it is also possible to integrate components or machines from other manufacturers. We are happy to help you.