Fully automatic processing of network cables

To save costs, a globally active company commissioned Metzner Maschinenbau to automate the manufacturing process of its LAN cable production, including the preparation for connector assembly. 

The specially developed production line can unwind, label, roughen, cut to length, strip, wind, bind and automatically deposit the cable wires. 

First, the material to be processed is unwound by a motorised Ramatech unwinder and fed to a thermal transfer printer via a straightener. The latter prints the cable with two QR codes and a serial number. This ensures that each cable can be identified throughout the entire processing and manufacturing process and assigned to the stations which have already passed through. This traceability offers great advantages – for example in the diagnosis of faults. 

The cable then passes through a roughening station, which lightly roughens the material surface so that the connector overmoulding adheres better later on. Now, the cable is cut to length and stripped.

As a last step, it is transported to the winding station and onwards by a gripper to the binding machine which winds the cable according to customer specifications.

  • Automatic winding
    and binding of the processed cable

  • Material specific straightener

  • Automatic printing

This customized machine processes network cables in the lan cable production.


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