You can process cables and inner conductors with the Metzner AM 3000 series

Cable inner conductor stripped

For the models in the Metzner AM 3000 series, stripping of the inner conductor is available as an option.

The requirements for cable processing often include not only removing the outer jacket, but also the insulation of the inner conductor. This naturally makes production easier if this task is also automated.

Stripping of up to 5 inner conductors

This new option enables the Metzner AM 3800 and AM 3850 to strip up to 5 inner conductors of different cables. The stiffness of the inner wires and the structure of the cable influence the result. Metzner therefore offers you the opportunity to test the result on your specific cable. Our technical team will be happy to help you.

Because Metzner cutting and stripping machines have a modular design, this option can not only be ordered with a new machine. You can also retrofit your existing Metzner AM 3800 or AM 3850 with this option.