Blow fill seal ampoule production


Automated cutting machine for blow fill seal ampoule production

If blow-fill-seal ampoule production is part of your business model, you should take a closer look at the Metzner MBS cutting machine. The Metzner MBS is a modular system in which you can combine 140 standard components. This means that there is sure to be a suitable blade in the standard range for every material you use in your production.

Naturally, the MBS has a sensor-based control system. The machine makes cuts in the right place up to 170 times per minute, depending on the configuration and material. This protects the aseptically packaged ampoules from damage.

You can also set the pressure precisely so that the blow-fill-seal ampoules are not crushed, but also so that they do not get out of line due to excessive slippage. It goes without saying that the MBS keeps the set pressure constant.

Metzner can also customize the software side of the MBS so that it fits exactly into your work processes and automation environment. Metzner can also develop solutions for medical technology according to customer requirements. Solutions in stainless steel and for aseptic environments are also possible.