Manufacturer of technical sealings


3 different automation solutions for manufacturers of technical sealings

Metzner offers you one solution each for the production of technical gaskets from very pressure-sensitive materials, for fast production from hoses up to 1,000 m | 3,280′ and for the production of high-precision flat gaskets from hose sections.


For particularly pressure-sensitive material: Metzner KL-BV

If you are cutting high-precision technical seals from pressure-sensitive materials such as silicone tubing, the Metzner KL-BV is ideal for you. The blades are wafer-thin (from 0.1 mm | 0.004″) and they also cut into the sides of the material so that the contact point is as small as possible. You can also adjust the angle of the blade to the diameter of the tubing. The belt feed speed can also be reduced, especially when cutting shorter hoses to length. If such gentle cuts are still not enough, the Metzner KL-BV is also available with knife moistening. Thanks to all these features, it is also used in medical technology. It can make up to 330 precise cuts per minute and is suitable for material up to 18 mm | 45/64” in diameter. 

For powerful and fast cuts in strong material

The Metzner CCM 4 Gasket cuts materials up to a diameter of 50 mm | 1 31/32“. With 500 cuts per minute, it processes tubing up to 1,000 m | 3,280′ in length. The cutting intervals are 1 mm. Thanks to its circular blade, it also cuts reinforced material.

High-precision seals made from hose sections

With the Metzner SR 85, the operator pulls hose sections with a maximum length of 540 mm | 1′ 9 17/64” onto 7 mandrels. These mandrels are then inserted into the machine. The machine then cuts the technical seals with a length interval of 0.01 mm | 0.0004″ and a hundredth of a mm. These high-precision seals are mainly used in aerosol packaging and in the heating, gas and fuel sectors.