Tubes for fluids filling systems


Metzner supplies you with clean-cut and precisely processed hoses for fluids filling systems

Metzner offers you three solutions for the processing of hoses for filling systems. The Metzner KL-BV stands for the processing of hoses in which the impact on the hose is reduced to an extreme minimum. The Metzner ST-OB is a universal cutting machine that can process not only silicone tubing but also other materials.

Finally, the Metzner MBS is a machine for which there are so many standard tools to choose from that you get a total of around 10,000 combinations. Two tools can carry out their process simultaneously in each machine. Tools can be changed quickly and easily and can be reordered. 


For extremely gentle cuts in pressure-sensitive material: Metzner KL-BV

If you cut hoses for fluid filling systems made of pressure-sensitive materials such as silicone, the Metzner KL-BV is ideal for you. The blades are wafer-thin (from 0.1 mm | 0.004″) and also cut into the sides of the material. This keeps the contact point as small as possible. Of course, you can also adjust the angle of the blade to the diameter of the hoses. The belt feed speed can also be reduced for cutting shorter hoses to length. Thanks to all these features, the KL-BV is just as popular in bottling plant construction as it is in medical technology. It can make up to 330 precise cuts per minute and is suitable for material up to 18 mm | 45/64” in diameter. 

A universal cutting machine for particularly precise processing

The Metzner ST-OB is characterized by many features that are unique. Firstly, it has a unique cylinder specially developed for this machine, which allows a significantly increased number of cycles. Secondly, the pressure can be set precisely and easily using a handwheel. An operator who is familiar with the material can therefore even react to differences in the batches. The extremely robust machine cuts various materials up to 150 mm x 30 mm | 5 29/32” x  1 3/16“.

A modular system with a solution for almost all tasks: Metzner MBS

The Metzner MBS is a modular system.On the one hand, you have the machine, which is available in three sizes, namely for material up to 100 mm 3 15/16“, up to 200 mm 7 7/8” and up to 390 mm | 1′ 3 23/64“.  There are also eight different cutting techniques. Punching and contour cuts are also possible. There are also various tools that have already been developed. These include, for example, a hose cutting tool that is ideal for hoses for filling systems. Two tools can carry out their process in each machine. They can also be changed quickly and without tools. Tools can also be reordered. An ideal solution if you process more than just silicone hoses for filling systems.