The Metzner AM 5000 range

If you process cables up to 185 mm² cross-section, you should have a closer look at the cutting and stripping machines of the Metzner AM 5000 range. These models have an enormous amount of power. Furthermore, they can be perfectly adapted to your needs with various peripherals from the same company. And, they offer a whole range of benefits: 

  • Wider cable diameter range, up to 35 mm diameter and 185 mm² section
  • Easy programming due to an intelligent software
  • 100 % compatability with all Metzner and Ramatech peripherals means more reliable production lines
  • More output thanks to the “Metzner double knife”, the system where the knife, not the cable, changes the path.


Of course, the Metzner AM 5800 as well as the AM 5850 with rotary processing can be customized to your individual needs.

  • Up to 185 mm² 
    cross section

  • Easy

  • More output

  • Customizable
    according to your

The Metzner AM 5800 cutting and stripping machine can perform these tasks for you:

Metzner AM 3800: Cable cutting and stripping possibilites

The Metzner AM 5850 with rotary head can perform these tasks for you:

AM 3850 cable processing possibilities

Functions/ProgramsAM 5800AM 5850
Rotary cutting unit✔
Cutting to length✔✔
Stripping with full pull-off✔✔
Stripping with partial pull-off✔✔
Stripping in multiple steps✔✔
Multiple stripping3 layers on each cable side3 layers on each cable side
Flat cables
BOM processing✔✔
Material end detection✔✔
Cable length correction✔✔
Recipe data management✔✔
Length measurement systemoptionoption
Machine Parameters  
Transport unitbeltbelt
Networking / MES interface (Industry 4.0)optionoption
Remote maintenance✔ PC integrated✔ PC integrated
Cable cross section stranded conductor185 mm²185 mm²
Max. outer diameter34 mm34 mm
Cable length100 mm – 99,999 mm100 mm – 99,999 mm
Max. Cable transport speed150 MPM150 MPM
Max. Stripping length full strippingCable start: 90 mm – 400 mm
Cable end: 0 mm – 260 mm
Cable start: 0 mm – 400 mm
Cable end: 0 mm – 260 mm
Electrical connection3~400V; 50/60Hz; 2.6A3~400V; 50/60Hz; 2.6A
Pneumatic connection6 bar
Dimensions (L x W x H)1,010 mm x 970 mm x 1,685 mm1,376 mm x 970 mm x 1,685 mm
Weight180 kg250 kg
Screen15″ touchscreen15″ touchscreen