An optimum solution when you need to process a wide range of different cables

Rotary cutting unit

If you need to process a wide range of different cables, shielded cables, mulit-level cables or coax cables, rotary cutting is the best solution. It namely offers precise, homogenous and all-round cuts into the selected cable layer. In particular, a rotary module provides a drawing cut around the cable. On the contrary, a radius blade has different zones. That’s why it performs in some areas a drawing cut, in others a shearing cut.   

With a rotary unit cutting depth and speed are not limited by the shape of a radius blade. They are rather easily adjusted by different parameters.


Rotary cutting is cost saving when you process different cables

Simply by selecting different software parameters you adjust the machine to different cable diameters. This means an outstanding flexibility. Also blade changeovers are not necessary.

You can also adjust to changing processing requirements without the need to order different blades. This reduced blade requirement offers savings, of course.

Furthermore, rotary cutting offers additional processing possibilities. This applies above all for multi-level processing in combination with longitudinal slitting.  This applies equaly to processing of shielded cables in combination with inner conductor stripping.

Both the Metzner AM 3850 and the AM 5850 are equipped with a rotary unit.

Rotary cutting convinces with: