The CT 4100 and CT 4200 cut and slit machines for the corrugated tube production

In the corrugated tubes the Metzner CT 4100 and CT 4200 are first choice. Thanks to their cutting technology, which is specially adapted to the material, they achieve clean cuts with high repeat accuracy in corrugated tubes with a diameter between 4.5 and 39 mm. The difference between both machines is that the CT 4200 can not only cut corrugated tubes, but also slit them lengthwise.

Corrugated tube production:

The Metzner CT 4100 cuts corrugated tubes exactly on the top or in the valley:

cutting corrugated tubes

The Metzner CT 4200 cuts corrugated tubes and – in addition – slits them:

Corrugated tube cut and slit

ModelCT 4100CT 4200
Cutting corrugated tubes ✔✔
Slitting corrugated tubes✔
Corrugated tube diameter max.
(depending on material)
39 mm | 1.54″39 mm | 1.54″
Feeding speed (max.)90 m/min. | 229 ft./min.90 m/min. | 229 ft./min.
Electrical connection230 V; 50/60 Hz; 1.2 A or transformator230 V; 50/60 Hz; 1.2 A or transformator
Power sourceelectricelectric
Compressed air connection6 bar | 87 PSI6 bar | 87 PSI
Dimensions (L x W x H)597 mm x 807 mm x 595 mm | 2’2″ x 1’11” x 2′ 9″597 mm x 807 mm x 595 mm | 2’2″ x 1’11” x 2′ 9″

Both the Metzner CT 4100 and CT 4200 are known for how cleanly they cut corrugated tubes – in the valley or on the top. Thereby, corrugated tubes with diameters from 4.5 mm to 39 mm | 0.18″ to 1.54″ can be processed. 

Both machines impress in the corrugated tube production with very short changeover times, which significantly save money during operation. In addition, precise belt conveyors ensure optimum feeding, and thus an excellent product quality.

The two models are different in the fact that the CT 4200 can also slit the corrugated tubes. 

Of course, you will be supplied with the exact matching and compatible peripherals for both cutting machines.