Hoses manufacturers and distributors


With Metzner machines, you can process your hoses exactly as your customers require

If you are a hose manufacturer or hose distributor and supply your customers with products that are precise in length, you should take a closer look at Metzner machines. Not only do they cut particularly cleanly, they can also handle very pressure-sensitive material as well as steel-reinforced material.

But Metzner machines are not only capable of cutting to length. They can also cut contours, drill, notch and much more. As a hose manufacturer or hose dealer, this gives you the opportunity to offer your customers much more than just a hose of a certain length.

Depending on your requirements, Metzner offers you various machines that automate your work as a hose distributor or hose manufacturer and increase your range of products. You will find an overview on this page. Our experts will also be happy to help you. Of course, it is also possible to test the material on a machine before purchasing.

The universal cutting machines cut – as their name suggests – pretty much everything. However, all three models have a different concept.

The Metzner MBS is a modular system in which you can combine tools for 10 different types of processing with three different maximum widths and many other options. There are 2 tools in parallel in one machine, which you can easily change at any time. The spectrum ranges from drilling to eccentric cutting, which achieves 400 cuts per minute in start-stop mode. 

The Metzner ST-OB and the Metzner Variocut cut flexible and rigid material. Both are available with punch, shear and pull cut. The ST-OB is also available with a blade cut. 

The main difference between the two is the operating concept. With the ST-OB, the operator can precisely set the pressure on the feed belt. A person familiar with the material can therefore react very precisely. The Variocut, on the other hand, works with preset pneumatic pressure. The ST-OB can also be used for reinforced low cross-section materials.

From the position and strength of the blade to the belt feed, the Metzner KL-BV has been specially developed for all hose manufacturers who have to process pressure-sensitive material such as silicone. The Metzner KL-BV offers unparalleled precision.

When the focus is on maximum cutting speed

Up to 4,000 cuts per minute or 800 cuts in Stop&Go mode, where the blade stops before each cut. Metzner Dynamat machines process non-reinforced tubing at this speed. All machines are equipped with micro-knife moistening as standard.

Especially for steel-reinforced materials

The models in the Metzner CCM series have been specially developed for processing steel-reinforced rubber materials. Depending on the model, they work with dry cutting and suction or wet and dry cutting. Depending on the model, they can be used both in-line and off-line. With the CCM 4, it is also possible to process non-reinforced materials as an option. This offers you as a hose distributor or manufacturer a significant increase in flexibility.

If your solution was not yet included in all these machines: Metzner also builds customized machines that are created exactly according to your requirements.